Token Economy

The MiniGame Party features various experiential elements, such as Medal Battle and Medal Quest, where you can acquire a ‘Gold Medal.’ Additionally, there are components that appeal to collectors' preferences, such as dressing up adorable characters. The most important aspect is the interaction between the Gold Medal, Sun Chip, and XPLA at the center. *‘Gold Medal’ acquired from the in-app purchase won’t count for the ‘Sun Chip’ airdrop.

< MiniGame Party’s Tokenomics in Detail>

  1. Virtuous Tokenomics Cycle MiniGame Party has a unique tokenomics structure that returns a certain proportion of the revenue to its gamers. Global users acquire "Gold Medals" from playing the game and use them to purchase useful in-game items. Also, based on the number of Gold Medals they have, "Sun Chips" are proportionally provided, which can be converted to $XPLA. MiniGame Party's tokenomics involve a structure where a certain proportion of game revenue returns to the in-game economy, creating a virtuous tokenomics structure where users’ contributions align with the vision of XPLA to create a sustainable Web3 gaming space that values the contributions and efforts of Pilots.

  2. DRAS system (Dynamic Reward Allocation System) The DRAS system is a token reward system designed to implement the P2O model, where the compensation is determined based on the user's level of contribution to the game. In MiniGame Party, the DRAS system will work based on the amount of the Gold Medal. The Gold Medal can be obtained through Medal Battle, Medal Quest, and Medal Drop. The higher your rank, the more Gold Medals you'll receive, which would increase the amount of Sun Chips given by the DRAS system. Sun Chips can be converted to $XPLA via XPLA GAMES Wallet. Medal Battle points will be calculated once per day, and medals will be distributed based on the ranking at the time of daily settlement. This means that the system in MiniGame Party recognizes the efforts of users who contribute more while playing the game, allowing them to play more games and contribute more.

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