Normal Game

This is the general mode. You can earn stage rewards by achieving high scores. There are 13 types of minigames, and various modes will be consistently unlocked in the future.

Clump Thump: Tap to drill through the ground.

Hardly Hurdle: Tap to jump over friends.

Hop Pop: Tap to change the direction in mid-air and step on the clouds.

Fly High: Tap to jump when the arrow lands on the colored section.

Spatter Scatter: Tap to hit friends with missiles that fire automatically.

Gurgle Burble: Tap to adjust the direction and swim through the water without hitting the wall.

Slip Flip: Tap to change the tilt and make your way downwards.

Swirly Whirly: Tap to jump at the proper distance and timing and cross the lake.

Flash Dash: Tap to change the direction and run.

Spring Fling: Tap to jump before you touch the rope.

Zig Zag: Tap to change the direction to move between the trees.

Grasp Gasp: Tap cross the bridge on a rope.

Wag Tag: Tap to make your character turn in the opposite direction. The tail gets longer when your friends join.

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